City Council Agenda

November 20, 2023
5 : 30 PM

Mark Holm, Mayor
Bobbi Bentz, Mayor Pro tem

Council Members: Jeff Perry, Joe Ruddy, Todd Shafer, Kelly Stearns
Public Works Upgrade Essential Infrastructure
Public Hearing
Item Reviewed by Legal Counsel
PH 2023-61: Proposed NW Northlawn Area Utility Improvements - Phase 3

The NW Northlawn Area Utility Improvements – Phase 3 project includes the replacement of PCC street pavement, sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer located on NW 2nd Street from NW Kline Street to NW Des Moines Street and on NW Kline Street from W 1st Street to NW 3rd Street in the Northlawn neighborhood in the City of Ankeny.


The improvements include approximately 3,250 SY of 7” thick PCC street pavement, 1,200 LF of sanitary sewer, 1,100 LF of water main, 250 LF of storm sewer, 1,900 LF of Type 2 subdrain, Class 10 excavation, subgrade preparation, modified subbase, and removal and replacement of streets, driveways, and sidewalks. Other associated improvements include temporary water main, temporary sidewalk, temporary traffic control, erosion control, temporary surface restoration, and miscellaneous associated work necessary to complete the project.


The bid opening for this project was held on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.  Ten (10) bids were received as follows:


1.   Absolute Concrete Construction Inc. dba Absolute Group $ 1,122,982.75

2.   Rognes Corp.         $ 1,252,999.70

3.   J & K Contracting . $ 1,351,199.00

4.   On Track Construction, LLC. $ 1,478,756.00

5.   KLC Construction, LLC. $ 1,662,738.00

6.   Evolution Contracting $ 1,697,753.25

7.   Brothers Concrete $ 1,733,063.50

8.   Reilly Construction Co., Inc. $ 1,734,109.00

9.   Granite Excavation $ 2,071,048.00

10. CJ Moyna & Sons, LLC $ 2,077,012.25


The Engineer's Estimate for the project was $ 1,727,593.00.  The bids ranged from approximately 35% below to 20% above the estimate. Absolute Concrete Construction Inc. dba Absolute Group has completed similar underground utility projects for the City of Ankeny in the past and they have the technical experience to complete this project. The Public Works Department recommends awarding the NW Northlawn Area Utility Improvements - Phase 3 project to Absolute Concrete Construction Inc. dba Absolute Group of Granger, Iowa.
Pending project approval and award by the City Council, the contractor will be required to start the project no earlier than March 18, 2024 and no later than April 8, 2024. 


The Contractor shall substantially complete the overall project in 120 working days. Substantial completion for the overall project shall be defined as all utility, grading, and pavement construction completed, with the new streets, driveways, and sidewalks fully open to traffic. The Contractor shall fully complete the overall project in 10 working days immediately following substantial completion of the overall project and distribution of the punch list by the Engineer.  Full completion for the overall project shall be defined as all work including temporary surface restoration and punch list items completed, and all improvements ready for final acceptance.

This project is included in the current Capital Improvement Program with construction scheduled for 2024.

It is recommended that the Council take the following action:


1. Hold a hearing on the proposed Contract Documents (plans, specifications, and form of contract), and estimate of cost ($1,727,593.00), and enhancement of payment.


2. Approve Resolution, adopting said plans, specifications, form of contract, estimated cost, and enhancement of payment for the NW Northlawn Area Utility Improvements - Phase 3 project.

3. Receive and file the report of bids received on November 14, 2023.


4. Approve Resolution, making award of construction contract to Absolute Concrete Construction Inc. dba Absolute Group of Granger, Iowa.

5. Approve Resolution, approving contract and bonds with Absolute Concrete Construction Inc. dba Absolute Group in the amount of $ 1,122,982.75.

October 16, 2023: The City Council approved a Resolution ordering construction and setting the bid opening date as November 14, 2023, and setting the public hearing date as November 20, 2023.

A project information meeting for adjacent property owners and residents was held on September 6, 2023.  Property owners and residents will continue to receive letters updating them throughout the construction phase.


Action: Consider motion to close Public Hearing 2023-61.

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